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Yoni Goddess Steam/Oil

Yoni Goddess Steam/Oil

Yoni Steam and Yoni Oil


Yoni steaming is used as a natural remedy for cleaning the "Yoni" uterus, and the entire reproductive tract. "Yoni” is the ancient Sanskrit word for divine feminine energy, the womb, female birth canal etc..


Yoni Oil has so many anti-fungal/antibacterial properties to maintain a healthy "Yoni"

Yoni oil serves as an hydrator and assists with preventative health


Yoni Steam:


The reduction of monthly cycle cramps and bloating


Monthly regulation


Preventative care to maintain a healthy balance


Improves fertility and can assists with conception


Enhancing blood flow


Strengthens confidence by naturally maintaining a healthy odor


Assists with miscarriage recovery by naturally encouraging the healing process


Reduction in Fibroids and Cysts


Relieves Bacteria and Yeast production


Eases menopause symptoms


Postpartum Healing

and much more!



    1 Ounce
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