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Sea- Moss & Aloe Vera Hydrated Hair Rinse

Sea- Moss & Aloe Vera Hydrated Hair Rinse

I am so infatuated with sea moss and the benefits that it entails!! I must say you will be seeing more sea moss infused products and here is why:


It is antioxidant: Irish sea moss extracts toxins and free-radicals from the scalp. These toxins would otherwise cause damage and buildup on the scalp!


It is antimicrobial:

It combats and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria on the scalp in which will enable hair growth!


It conditions the hair:

Irish sea moss gel provides incredible slip which coats the strands to provide great moisture and hydration!


It strengthens:

Sea moss provides the benefit of reinforcement and strength to natural hair strands. When hair is strengthened, it is less likely to break and the hair is able to grow and retain length!


It promotes hair shine:

Sea moss gel promotes an ample amount shine in natural hair! 

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