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Natural Detoxing Deodorant

Natural Detoxing Deodorant

Have you tried natural deodorants and you quickly ran away? Did you notice that it didn't work for you? Well here is why.


Deodorants that are over the counter contain an ample amount of chemicals. Antiperspirant being one, which blocks sweat from releasing. Medical research shows that aluminum from antiperspirants can build up in your body in which, causes a foul smell among other linked issues. It takes time for the bacteria on your skin to balance out. Deodorants are absorbed through the skin and directly onto your lymph nodes, so it is essential that only natural products are applied as well as detoxification.


My formula has 3 natural elements which neutralize odors: Baking Soda, Zinc & Magnesium! We also use arrowroot to keep dry!


Bentonite clay is also used to continuously detox each and every day! We will include a free armpit detox with each purchase to give a fresh start by eliminating years of backed up


Our formula is strong enough for men as well!

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