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Infused Oils by Forbidden

Infused Oils by Forbidden

Skincare - the use and benefits of the oils are endless depending on the type of herb infused. Infused herbal oils are great to use after and before the shower as a moisturizer. 


Deep Moisturizer - herbal oils are a great solution for solving skin issues such as eczema, dry skin, dandruff and psoriasis. Our calendula and chamomile body oils deliver both the benefits of the oils and herbs. 


Face Care - all of the oils are gentle enough to be added to most face care routine. Herbal oils can be used as the base for the oil cleansing methods. 


Hair Growth - herbal oils can be used to stimulate hair growth, moisturize dry scalp, seal moisture to reduce hair breakage and split ends. 


Self or Couple Massage - our rose vanilla herbal oil is great for couple massages as it opens the body to receiving, recognizing and giving love and sensuality. Our lavender body oil is great for a calming massage to relax the body and mind. Lastly, calendula and chamomile body oils can be used to heal the feet. 


Breasts - We are taught to touch our breasts out of fear or to reserve the act for our lovers. Using an herbal infused oil is a great way to reconnect with your breasts by practicing gentle massages. 


Feet & Hands - Both the hands and feet have a lot of sensory areas. By implementing self massages, we can increase blood circulation and remove stagnant energies. 


Shelf Life: 12 months 

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