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Chebe Whipped Hair Butter

Chebe Whipped Hair Butter

There are many unknown countries in Africa. A particular African culture named Chad is known for their long strong hair that never breaks (since birth ) due to them applying Chèbè to the shafts of their hair.


Applying Chèbè traps in moisture, which eliminates brittle, easy to snap strains and ends. Eliminating hair breakage equates to length retention.

It's the world's best kept secret for length retention, and it's 100% natural and non-toxic. The powder is made from cherry seeds, reisin tree sap, clove, lavender croton, and stone scent as well as RAW Mango, Kokum and Shea Butter. This mixture creates the powerful Chèbè Butter which works to condition and deeply moisturize the hair.


I have effectively infused Chèbè into my Signature Hair Butter to add more elasticity to prevent breakage for stronger healthier hair!!!

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