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Bentonite Clay Bath Detox

Bentonite Clay Bath Detox

Bentonite Clay Bath Detox


This detox is a mix of Epsom Salt, Bentonite Clay, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Lava Salt, Red Alaea Sea Salt and Organic Red Roses


When using Bentonite Clay Bath Detox the body detoxifies through the skin by removing toxins, heavy metals and wastes from the body! It also has the ability to lower PH balances.


This detox will:

Moisturizes the skin. Soaking in a warm salt solution, even just once a week for 15-20 minutes, offers great benefits in terms of improving the skin barrier function, hydrating the skin, and decreasing inflammation.


Detox the body from harmful toxins and wastes


Decreases stress


Helps insomnia


Offers vital healing properties


Soothes pain


Shelf Life: 12 months 

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