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100% Natural  Eczema Cream w/Zinc & Neem Oil

100% Natural Eczema Cream w/Zinc & Neem Oil

2011 was the year that I gave birth to my first born! It was also the year when I had to learn how to manage eczema! Dr after Dr , steroids after steroids, year after year. I finally came to a conclusion that I needed to stop applying these harsh chemicals to my baby and find a better way!


Neem Oil: Neem also contains nimbidin, nimbin and quercetin which are three anti-inflammatory elements that can soothe the skin and reduce eczema-caused redness and irritation.


Zinc oxide is known to be an effective anti-inflammatory treatment for itchy skin conditions such as poison ivy and diaper rash. These properties also make it a helpful treatment for calming and soothing eczema symptoms such as burning, itching, and uncomfortable rashes.


Benefits of zinc oxide for eczema:


Aids in Moisture Retention: Zinc oxide helps create a helpful layer on top of the skin that greatly aids in helping the skin retain moisture.


Wound Healing: Zinc oxide can be relied upon to support skin healing after burns or injury.


Inflammation Relief: zinc oxide prevents inflammation by facilitating the growth of new tissues.


Antibacterial: The natural antibacterial properties of zinc oxide make it useful by preventing bacteria from seeping into wounds caused by scratching.

Relieves rashes and itch: Zinc oxide can be used to soothe itchy skin.


Treat your eczema naturally!

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