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Forbidden by Talluhah Welcomes You

Buy 100% Natural Fermented Haircare & Skincare Products

Welcome to Forbidden by Talluhah! By shopping our selection of products  you will help Forbid certain issues that come along with maintaining your skin and hair. We use techniques that were established in China and Japan over 700 years ago. Fermentation gives life to our hair and skin by being an essential source of vitamins. Vitamin E is known to turn fizzy, damaged hair soft and silky and our solution is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B,Vitamin C, amino acids minerals, antioxidants flavonoids  and phenolic compounds. In addition, it contains ferulic acid and allantoin, all of which are necessary for skin function and cell rejuvenation! Let us cater to you while still allowing you to be in control of your skincare & haircare products!

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Forbidden Black Rice

Black rice has a rich cultural history; called "Forbidden" or "Emperor's" rice, it was reserved for the Emperor in ancient China and used as a tribute food. In the time since, it remained popular in certain regions of China and recently has become prized worldwide for its high levels of antioxidants. It has over 18 amino acids, minerals and vitamins like copper, iron, zinc and carotene.Rice water contains the nourishing antioxidant ferulic acid, as well as allantoin, an organic compound that helps soothe and heal skin and hair from the inside out.The use of rice water came from ancient china. With their average hair length of about 6 feet, the Yao ethnic women made it to the Guinness Book of World Records! Part of their secret to having such long hair lies in washing it with fermented rice water! Cool right? 

We ferment our rice water in-house for an extended period of time to ensure we captivate all of the vitamins and probiotics. Our solution nourishes your hair follicles, promotes healthy hair growth, and improving the overall condition of your hair. During the process of Fermentation, a substance called 'Pitera' is formed in the Rice Water, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and organic acids. 'Pitera' is very well known to promote cell-regeneration and keeps your skin and hair healthy while restoring the pH balance of your hair since it is acidic in nature.The pH level of Normal Rice water is perfect to use for your skin and Hair for overall wellbeing. 


All of our products contain the Forbidden Rice Water or Black Rice Oil .

Even though our products are 100%, test out a small area before fully applying. 

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